Maintaining your sewing and embroidery machine on a regular basis is important. Sewing and quilting machines are delicate and need to be treated as such. Caring for your machine means that the quality of your sewing will be better overall and fewer repairs will be needed in the long run.

Here are some top tips on how to maintain your sewing machine. 

Use high-quality thread and needles

Low-quality thread and needles should be avoided when home sewing. Threads that are cheaper contain an excessive amount of lint, which can get stuck in the machine. Glazed and waxed threads should not be used on a sewing machine, only when hand stitching.

If you are working with a bent or dull needle, the quality of your work will be affected. It’s recommended you change the needle after 10 hours of stitching, or 4 bobbins’ worth of sewing, to get the best results.

Oil the machine

A sewing machine has many moving parts which need to be oiled regularly. Oiling a machine helps it to run smoothly. The oil used for sewing machines is clear in colour,   only use a few drops. Always refer to the manual for instructions. Depending on how often use your machine gets, you should aim to oil your machine every 3 to 4 months.

Keep the machine clean

Every time you use your sewing machine remember to clean it afterwards. Dust, threads and lint gather around the machinery and should be removed regularly. If not, they will find their way into the machine and prevent it from working properly. You should also brush out the bobbin case when you change the bobbin to get rid of any fibres hiding in there.