When you need something really productive to do to keep you occupied, a patchwork quilt that tells a story is a great project. A memory quilt is one of those types of patchwork that involves thinking a bit more about the meaning of what you’re sewing together, using your home sewing skills to create a piece of family history. It’s also a great way to repurpose old fabrics, and evoke some instant nostalgia in years to come.

Reusing Old Garments

Those old t-shirts or smocks that you didn’t have the heart to throw away suddenly get a new lease of life. Pick the ones that hold the most memories for you and talk about them with your family as you do the project.

Incorporate Photos

Check with your printer manufacturer to see if it’s possible to print out transfers which can then be ironed onto fabric. This allows you to print out favourite photos onto pieces of your patchwork quilt which can then be sewn into the ongoing project. Imagine having a quilt where all your kids’ faces smile back at you every time it’s opened out.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Making your quilt into a family heirloom is easy when you get everyone involved. Let the kids all choose a piece of fabric or something that means something to them. It could be an old favourite pair of trousers that don’t fit anyone anymore or a first baby suit that’s been kept in the back of a drawer somewhere. If you have a “rag bag”, let the kids spread it all over the crafting table and have fun picking out their favourite colours and textures.

Making a memory quilt can become a memory in itself when you turn it into a full family experience. Contact us here at Britannia to discuss the right sewing machine for your quilting project.