When starting out as a novice, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the wide range of skills you need to grasp. You want to be able to create the most intricate designs, but it’s important not to get ahead of yourself. By mastering the basics, you will have the core skills required to produce complex designs and make garment alterations. Here are some basic skills that you should practise at the start of the learning process.

Learn how to operate your sewing machine

Understanding all the settings on your machine and what they do is essential in order to develop your sewing ability. Whilst it can seem like a chore, read the manual to gain a comprehensive understanding of your new equipment.

Understand the terminology

You may be reading the manual without being able to absorb any information as you don’t understand the terminology that is being used. You know that sewing feet are important, but what does this actually refer to? These queries are a major barrier for many beginners, so it is worthwhile learning the terms to grasp new concepts at a faster rate. There are many options to enable you to do this, from taking a local sewing class, buying a physical guide, or looking them up online.

Master basic stitches

Whether you prefer to operate a machine or sew by hand, there are still a couple of basic stitches you should be able to master without manual assistance. A good place to start is with the straight stitch, as it is both the most basic and the most versatile. Of equal importance is the zigzag stitch. Often used for decoration, it ensures that your stitching doesn’t unravel and spoil all your hard work.


The ironing of the sewing world, pressing is important for the appearance of your garments. This involves pressing an iron against the fabric and lifting it up intermittently. It is a necessary skill that helps to keep the seams flat and secures the stitches into the fibres of the fabric for long-lasting wear.

It is important to remember that making mistakes is an inevitable part of any learning experience. Should you require any assistance, contact Britannia Sewing today to discover how our range of products can help you to improve your home sewing skills.