1. This cute crab applique project

If you love using your embroidery machine for applique projects, this adorable crab applique project is perfect. Whether you want to buy the appliques elsewhere or make them yourself, the bold and bright colours of this DIY make it a great candidate for your summer project. Plus, how cute are that bucket and spade?

2. This vibrant sunflower embroidery hoop

Nothing says ‘summer’ more than flowers – sunflowers most of all! Dedicate your next home sewing project to this beautiful sunflower embroidery hoop, which could easily take pride of place anywhere in your home. They can also be easily personalised and make fabulous gifts for any summer babies in your life.

3. This juicy jean customisation

If you’re someone in the process of mastering sewing skills and garment making, be sure to include this fruity jean embroidery on your list. Though the link above shows strawberries, you can customise your jeans with any fruit you want! It’s sure to be a positive topic of conversation for anyone you stop to chat with – and a point of envy, of course!

4. This quaint garden scene embroidery hoop

Perhaps sunflowers aren’t quite your thing. Perhaps you prefer the unpredictability and freedom of UK wildflowers instead. If that sounds like you, maybe give this stunning garden scene embroidery hoop idea a look. Take a look around your own garden or local areas to see what flowers you can find, and immortalise them in your next summer project!

5. This nautical inspired patchwork doorstop

Summer is often synonymous with the beach. That’s why we started this top 5 with a sweet crab inspired project, and are ending it with this cool nautical themed doorstop. Switch and swap out blue fabrics as you please to recreate the sea and sky, and anything else beachy you like!

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