If mastering your sewing skills is on your list of things to do, then bringing patchwork into your hobby can be a great way to do this. Making a patchwork quilt can be very satisfying and rewarding, or if you don’t feel like taking on a big project, patchwork cushion covers, bags or other smaller items can be just as fun to make. Here are three reasons you should get into patchwork:

1. You’ll never be stuck for gift ideas

Everyone loves to receive handmade items as gifts, and patchwork items are even more special. Most people would be delighted to receive a patchwork quilt or cushion that you have taken time and care making especially for them. If the recipient loves fashion, why not consider making a patchwork bag or purse?

2. It’s a craft where you can see your progress

Many craft projects can take a long time until you start seeing your progress, this can be off-putting for many and often results in the crafter giving up before they’ve finished. Patchwork crafts can be very satisfying in terms of seeing your creation grow quickly as making a patchwork quilt doesn’t take as long as you’d think.

3. It’s a great form of mindfulness

We are often advised to try things that help to keep our minds healthy as well as our bodies. Practising a bit of mindfulness is a good way of doing this. Patchwork crafts are a great way to give your brain a rest from rushing thoughts and allow you to be in the moment and focus on a task.