If you are just getting into quilting, making a patchwork quilt is a great place to start. It is lots of fun and also makes it simple to produce quality results. This makes this style of quilting very rewarding and perfect for those who are building up their sewing experience. If you are a total beginner though, you may need a few handy tips to get started. Below are some of the best around to take on-board.

Invest in a sewing machine

Although you could hand sew your patchwork quilt together, this can be a time-consuming process. For beginners who want to see faster results which look amazing, investing in a sewing machine is worth thinking about. Modern machines are not only very affordable but also simple to use and do not take up much space in your home. By using a machine to stitch your pieces of fabric together, you will soon have a quilt to be proud of.

Measure carefully before cutting

As well as how you sew the pieces of fabric together being important, it is also vital to think about the pieces themselves. It is key to measure carefully first before cutting your fabric squares to shape. You will find fitting them together much easier if they are the right size and have seams which match. A little time checking measurements before cutting really does pay off.

Let your imagination go wild

Quilting a patchwork of fabric together should ultimately be fun. The best way to make sure this happens is to simply let your creativity run free. Find fabrics you like or colours you adore and then fit them together any way you like. Don’t worry about what others will think! This approach will ensure you get the most from quilting.

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