As we rapidly approach the start of summer, you may be looking for craft projects to keep you busy. Now is the perfect time to create a new summer wardrobe for yourself and experiment with garment making. If you’re interested in mastering sewing skills, why not try and create one of these summer garments…

1. Kimono sundress

If you are struggling to decide between dress patterns, a kimono sundress may be the right choice. Kimono sundresses are light and airy, making them perfect for summer errands or to wear whilst walking on a beach.

2. Square top

If you are looking to make a simple garment, you may wish to make a square top. Creating a square top is incredibly simple, and you can then cut and customise the neck and shoulders of the top in any way you like.

3. Matching accessories

Do you have leftover fabric from a project you have completed? Create accessories from the fabric to complement your garments. For example, you could make a scrunchie, tie or headscarf out of your leftover material.

4. Customised outfits

If you don’t want to make a garment from scratch but have an old, plain garment you want to elevate, stitch patches or sewing designs on your old garment. This will breathe new life into an old piece of clothing and prevent it from becoming forgotten at the bottom of your wardrobe!

If you want to make beautiful clothes this summer, browse the selection of elite sewing machines on Britannia Sewing. If you have any questions about garment making or our machines in general, do not hesitate to contact us.