Patchwork is a fun craft that involves sewing different fabrics together to create unique and fun designs. It is easy, however, to get stuck in the habit of creating patchwork quilt after patchwork quilt, rather than exploring different types of patchwork. Below we list inspiration for patchwork designs other than quilts.

1. Look at what spare fabric you have

One of the great benefits of patchwork is that it can be created from odd bits of material you have leftover from other projects. Find colours and patterns that complement one another and think about what you could create. For example, you may be able to create a patchwork cushion cover that complements your living room d├ęcor or a sleeve to store your laptop.

2. Think practically

Take a walk around your house and look at what items you may need to replace soon, e.g. tea cosy, tea towels, etc. Creating new household items out of patchwork is a great way to add a creative flair to your home whilst saving you money on buying these new items outright. Patchwork clothing can look particularly stylish and is a great sustainable fashion choice.

3. Consider the season

If you are still stuck for creative ideas, think about what season is next approaching. For example, patchwork beach bags, picnic blankets and sunglasses cases are great for spring/summer. Alternatively, if winter is soon arriving think about what patchwork items you could make for friends/family as Christmas presents.

Hopefully, your mind will be racing with ideas for your next patchwork project. The best and easiest way to create high-quality patchwork designs is with a professional sewing machine. If you are looking at upgrading your sewing machine or buying your first sewing machine ever, contact Britannia Sewing today!