Are you looking for a fun and relaxing hobby that you can do from the comfort of your own home? If so, embroidery is one you should definitely consider. Once considered an old-fashioned pastime, embroidery is now one of the trendiest crafts to take up. It’s not hard to see why. Not only is it relaxing, fun and suitable for all ages, it’s also really easy to start.

Embroidery is easier than it looks

Those beautifully embroidered pieces you see on Etsy and Instagram may look incredibly complicated. Luckily, you can begin making beautiful embroidery artwork using just one simple stitch. As you gain confidence you can add more stitch styles. Before you know it you’ll have it mastered.

For absolute beginners, there are kits you can purchase that simplify the process even further. They come with colour coding and patterns that ensure you’ll end up with a beautifully finished piece. Even better, you can opt to take up machine embroidery using a free-hand embroidery foot. Using an embroidery machine allows you to create art and patterns that look hand-embroidered on almost any item.

Embroidery can help combat stress

If you find it hard to wind down at the end of a busy day, taking up a craft hobby like embroidery could be just what you need. In today’s modern world we’re always on the go. Making time to sit down and do something crafty gives you some much-needed relaxation time.

According to this study, just 45 minutes of an arty activity like embroidery combats the effects of stress. It works by lowering the amount of cortisol in your body.

Up-cycle old items using embroidery

Embroidery can turn even the dullest item of clothing or soft furnishing into a work of art.

You can use embroidery to breathe new life into old cushion covers or clothing. You can even create your own personalised wall hangings as gifts for friends and family.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and practical hobby, you can’t go wrong choosing embroidery.