Different people pursue sewing for different reasons. While some have made sewing their hobby, others use it as a source of income. Home sewing is also popular, with many choosing to repair damaged or worn out dresses or shirts themselves.

With your own sewing machine, all you need to properly repair your torn clothes is a needle and thread. To prevent the tear from spreading, clothes should be stitched as soon as possible.

This is where sewing machines such as the coverstitch come in. Below are three other reasons why having your own machine is important:

1. To get an accurate and neat stitch

When using a sewing machine, you only need basic skills to attain a uniform stitch. If you choose to sew by hand, you’ll find it is much more difficult to achieve neat and accurate stitches.

2. To sew heavy fabric

A lot of materials are heavy, which makes them hard to be sewed by hand. Good examples are wool and denim. Sewing machines such as a quilting machine use double threads, ensuring you achieve a perfect stitch.

3. To sew quickly

If you run a sewing business, time is crucial. Using a sewing machine will help you to complete your projects on time and according to your customer’s specifications. Hand sewing will take you forever and this automatically means fewer projects will be attended to with a lower level of accuracy.

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